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If you love cats, appreciate cat antics or just like watching cat videos online, you should be listening to Meowster Podcast. Each episode of the podcast explores a different hilarious cat topic from popular culture and current events.

Download new episodes on the 1st and 15th of every month.

Learn more about Meowster's hosts:

Rebecca Zisch is a cat behaviorist, writer and veterinary nurse. She is also the proud guardian of fluffy cat brothers Pergo and Colonel Lint. You can visit her counseling service and blog at Friends Forever Counseling.

Tim Black is a voice actor and unashamed cat lover. He happily cares for chubby Harriet (Whose meow can be heard at the end of every episode). Check out Tim's voice work at The Voice of Tim.

May 15, 2016

Sure people who aren’t fascinated by cats and all of their uniquely feline awesomeness might be unable to tell a calico from a tortoiseshell, let alone a Burmese from a Balinese. But in this episode Tim, Rebecca and a special in-studio guest all discuss how even the most seasoned cat enthusiasts may have trouble telling the difference between cats, especially if they have all solid black fur. Terry Burchell, dedicated, life-long black cat guardian provides some tips for differentiating between ostensibly identical cats. We are bravely bringing this quiet shame in the cat fan community out of the darkness and into the streaming sunshine so our cats can nap in the warm glow of our new knowledge.

Meowster Podcast